Oppose Waller Skateboard Park

A newly organized neighborhood group, Friends of the Haight, is collecting signatures to oppose the construction of a permanent concrete skateboard park at the Waller cul-de-sac. They are asking for your support by signing the petition at the link below. Please forward this petition to anyone you know who is opposed. The more signatures collected, the more they will demonstrate to our leaders the opposition to this permanent skatepark in this location.

Additional Information regarding the skatepark
Currently, there are 2 in-use skateboard parks in the city, and 2 more already being built, with several other sites being considered in the city. The current in-use parks are located far away from residents and businesses, which we support because the negative impacts on residents and merchants are minimized. The Waller cul-de-sac however, is very close to residents and businesses, so our neighborhood would be heavily impacted.
The proposed skateboard park at the Waller cul-de-sac has a buildout pricetag of $2,000,000 (per Rec & Park), and to date, funding has not been approved. With an expected budget shortfall for the city this year of almost $500M, $2M is a lot of money to spend for another skateboard park when there are already 4 others in the city. This $2M could be spent on schools, services, and general city improvement.
The proposed skateboard park will be a permanent concrete structure that will occupy a majority of the open space at the Waller cul-de-sac and will be open 365 days a year. It is not neighborhood serving in that it will attract skateboarders from all over the Bay area, most of which are young men between the ages of 15 – 25.
The permanent skateboard park will bring a large influx of skateboarders into the neighborhood, using side streets to travel to and from. Residents can expect dozens of skateboarders, sometimes hundreds for special events, cruising the sidewalks and streets on their boards, and practicing their moves while they wait to use the skateboard park. This will create extreme noise pollution and will degrade public and private property (sidewalks, structures, etc).

This neighborhood is already a magnet for homeless, vagabonds, and drug dealers, and we can expect that these quality of life issues will only get worse, not better. Drug dealers will be drawn to the skateboard park for potential for new customers.

If the permanent concrete skateboard park is built, it will alter the landscape of this neighborhood forever and there is nothing residents will be able to do about it. The Stanyan Park Hotel will have a harder time filling rooms, and the two Yoga studios adjacent will have a harder time attracting clientele due to the noise pollution. 

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Sincerely and Best Regards,

Friends of the Haight