About CVIA

Cole Valley Improvement Association (CVIA) 

Our mission is to promote a sense of responsibility and mutual respect throughout the district; preserve the character of its architecture; support the police in law enforcement efforts; encourage neighborhood-serving businesses; and be constructively involved in San Francisco’s governmental process.

CVIA publishes a quarterly newsletter, coordinates the Clean Cole Street project for daily sidewalk cleaning of the commercial corridor of Cole Street, and is involved with a variety of neighborhood issues. The CVIA Board meets monthly at the home of a board member at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of every month. All members of the organization are welcome to attend. Contact us to learn the location.  

CVIA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. CVIA’s boundaries include Hayes Street, Divisadero Street, Clarendon Avenue, and Arguello Boulevard.  

CVIA Board

Cathy Haller, President
Lena Emmery, Vice President
Joan Downey, Treasurer
Karen Crommie, Secretary
Amy Blakeley
Chuck Canepa
Shannon Cooper
David Crommie
Carole Glosinger
Marianne Hesse
Chris Hock
Steven Madrid
Edward Walls



Articles of Incorporation

Please contact us if you have an issue to bring up, a newsletter article, address change, or an update to your membership information. You can also purchase a 1 year CVIA Membership with our online Membership Form.



P.O. Box 170611

San Francisco, CA 94117

[email protected]

(415) 431-1414