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Thank you sponsors of the 2009 Cole Valley Fair:

Wells Fargo
La Boulange de Cole
Sunset Scavenger, UCSF,
Art Cleaners, Belvedere House, Cole Hardware, Cole Valley Fitness, Kezar Bar & Restaurant, Mane Attraction, Real Foods / Fresh Organics, Walgreens, AcroSports, Cole Cleaners, Finnegan's Wake, Occasions, Video Nook


Clean Well-lighted Bookstore Quiz:

Take the Clean, Well-Lighted Quiz that was featured at the BookSmith booth:

Here are the answers to Clean, Well-lighted Quiz. Each answer is followed by the chapter in Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences where the issue is discussed.

1. "If" should be "whether." (Chapter 6, Connectives)

2. "Not only" should be placed before "through school," not before "good." The corrected sentence reads, "My English is good enough to get me not only through school but also through work." (Chapter 6, Connectives)

3. The first comma should be a semicolon. "Regards" should be "regard." (Chapter 6, Connectives)

4. "Phenomena" should be "phenomenon." (Chapter 2, Agreement) "Only" should be placed before "on the most common American errors," not before "focuses." (Chapter 5, Modifiers)

5. "Was" should be "were." (Chapter 4, Verb Mood)

6. "Me" should be "my."    (Chapter 1, Case)

7. The first "I" should be "me" — "Between you and me, …" (Chapter 1, Case)

8. "Was" should be "were." (Chapter 4, Verb Mood) "Everyday" should be "every day" — two words. (Chapter 5, Modifiers)

9. The comma after "And" should be deleted. (Chapter 6, Connectives)

10. "Like" should be "as." (Chapter 5, Modifiers) The period belongs inside the closing quotation mark. (Chapter 7, Punctuation)


Live music all day!

 Stage 1
 Cole St. @ Grattan
Stage 2
 Cole St. @ Parnassus
10:00 AM Rebecca & Gary Parks 10:15 AM  Flassoon
11:00 AM Dreamchair Music 11:15 AM Douce Ambiance
11:45 AM SF Women's Taiko Troupe    
12:00 Aoede 12:15 PM Valerie Orth
12:45 SF Women's Taiko Troupe    
1:00 PM New Maps of the West 1:15 PM The She's
2:00 PM Lucky Lew 2:15 PM  
3:00 PM Nkechi 3:15 PM Mary Redente
4:00 PM   4:15 PM Susan Getz


Aoede – indie pop rock

Inspired, compelling stories of love, loss and longing spill out and take you, shake you, and wake you- emotionally evocative, intelligent, vocal driven *pop rock*…  pushes the envelope, pulls you in, pulls at your

Douce Ambiance – Gypsy jazz

Douce Ambiance plays a lively blend of captivating gypsy swing and jazz fueled by the driving rhythm of fiddle, clarinet, guitar, ukulele, and double bass.

Dreamchair Music – folk / acoustic blues

Original acoustic music born in San Francisco. Indie folk with a side order of blues.


Recent graduates of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, this woodwind trio enjoys playing all kinds of music, from classical standards to Irish jigs and everything in between.

Lucky Lew – folk / pop

The great songs of all time, for all ages. Swing to seventies.

Mary Redente – folk / pop

Mary Redente is an award winning songwriter bringing a fresh flavor to the music scene. An eclectic mix of folk-pop with a thought provoking message and upbeat, acoustic accompaniment.

New Maps of the West — Folk / rock

New Maps of the West is a five-piece all original folk-rock band comprised of some familiear Cole Valley faces. Their dynamic performances have engaged audiences across the Bay Area.

Nina Jo Smith – Americana

Eighteen strings, two hands, and a voice. You’ll hear a lot of songs in a day, but you’ll wake up singing Nina Jo’s sweet, funny, folkabilly

Rebecca and Gary Parks – theatrical / folk / rock

Rebecca Parks’s songs set scenes, tell stories, and dramatize conversations. She and her husband Gary create warm harmonies over her graceful piano. The mood ranges from silly to

San Francisco Women's Taiko Troupe – Japanese style Taiko drumming

Our taiko troupe teaches women the joy of taiko drumming; then shares this joy with our communities at selected events.

The She’s – pop rock

A colossal explosion of rock ‘n roll in a candy shop.

Susan Getz – singer / songwriter

As good as it Getz – SF Bay Guardian

Valerie Orth – hard folk

Called “soulful, genuine, and edgy” by the SF Bay Guardian, Valerie Orth is a fearless and genre-bending singer/songwriter. With percussionist/singer, Abigail Picache, they are an indie folk power duo.




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